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An unorthodox clothing subscription with a surprise t shirt delivered to your door every month.

Each t shirt is a new select sequence of words, or a word. Each month is a surprise. Here are a few examples:

"Dandelion" printed on a tshirt

 It's true, you really have your own brain. Do you have control of it? Or does a corporation? Maybe IKEA has a little piece, or another company?

     “What does your shirt mean?” a stranger might say.          

     “What do you think it means?” you might respond.
     “Oh, I don’t know," they say, "I thought it was the inception of a thought, or that we're all made up of the same pieces of the periodic table, so maybe that makes us all connected. What do you think?”


And then you offer your thoughts and there is a back and forth, a ping and a pong of new or different ideas, and before you know it you might have a friend. And couldn’t we all use more friends?


Membership is currently closed.

Membership is $40/ month. ( plus applicable taxes)


within Canada.

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