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Thanks for your interest in Hope and Lions,

Wonder what you can get on the front of your t shirt?

Choose from:

You are a bird.                            
I frog you.    

You are a lake                      

I love your ears                         

Open the window                 

Maybe don’t give up               

An Alternative is a beautiful thing          

Earth. Sky. Stars.                        

Don’t worry its temporary                    

What to listen for                        

It’s ok if you stutter, I’ll wait.                    

Kindness and questions

Let go and lean out

I am a tree.

But why?

Birds are singing

I just got started

Woodpeckers unite.

Open the vault.

Young dogs running.

So fresh I can’t believe it.

Get the idea? Not your everyday t shirt company!


Colour. Black, beige, grey or white? Or the "wild -card"?


Size. S M L XL and XL unisex.

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