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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Would love to stay connected and see where your Hope and Lions t shirt is taking you. I was out walking with my dog in "Paxton's bush" in Chatham-Kent. This small but mighty forest has some beautiful hardwoods, mushrooms, birds and waves of peace to take in, should you decide to go on a saunter. Take a photo of you doing something interesting wearing your t shirt, like gardening, washing dishes or other earth-shattering events, then share it on Instagram or send to Would love to see you in all your glory. Membership re-opens August 1-10th #hopeandlions #hopeandlionstshirt #chathamkent #paxtonsbush #walkingtrails #forestlover #naturehikes #treehugger #membership #tshirtmembership #openthewindow #storiesmighthappen

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